Many client's first thoughts regarding appeals are whether one is available to them if they obtain an adverse result in conviction and/or sentence. Often overlooked is that the Crown too has the same ability to seek remedy. That is, while an individual may seek remedy by appealing as against conviction or sentence or both, the Crown may also appeal where one is acquitted or receives a sentence contrary to their position. During the trial process or any contested sentencing, clients will be made alive to the realities of either side pursing an appeal.

If, in the rare circumstance, at the end of the trial process or sentencing the result is felt to be inappropriate we will discuss an appeal with the client and immediately refer them to Counsel who have particular experience in the area. As trial counsel Mike does not do Appellate work. However, he has forged a longstanding personal and professional relationship with counsel who has successfully Appealed or rebutted Crown Appeals at the British Columbia Court of Appeal, Alberta Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Canada. Similarly, should the Crown commence an appeal against our client we will immediately refer them for experienced and meticulous representation.