Case Management

In the end, the majority of Criminal Prosecutions do not result in trial. While uncompromised and highly professional trial advocacy before a judge or jury is what client’s will receive from Mike, that will only occur following proper case management. Every client is guided through all avenues open to them in their matter – whether it be pursuing a withdrawing of the charges, diversion form the justice System, Peace Bonds, reduction of charges mitigating sentence or trial.

The available options are explained so that the client understands the potential costs to them, both legal and financial, of undertaking each option along with the expected result to them. The foundation of the solicitor client relationship in our office is that each client choice is fully educated so they may appreciate the legal advice and act together with counsel in their best interests to achieve the best result. Each case is unique and presents its own set of challenges such that past results cannot necessarily be indicative of future ones. That being said, Mike has a longstanding record of negotiating exceptional results for clients and will strive to ensure that the same is achieved for you.