Expert Assistance

Expert Assistance

In some cases more than a legal expert is required to answer a prosecution. At Danyluik Law Group we are acutely aware of when such assistance is required and are well networked to immediately retain any such professionals in order to obtain the best possible outcome. Over the past 2 decades Mike has become strongly connected in the following areas where he has developed strong, personal, professional and trusted relationships with leading experts in these fields

Accident Reconstruction

In the vast majority of Criminal or Traffic Safety Act cases involving motor vehicle accidents where death or serious bodily harm results the prosecution will rely, to varying degrees of import, on accident/scene reconstruction expert evidence and where available Black Box data downloads and interpretation. Such evidence and opinions are not necessarily infallible and other interpretations may exist. Mike routinely utilizes experts in this field to answer charges of Dangerous Driving, Careless Driving, Hit and Run and Impaired Driving where Death or Bodily Harm results. In many instances the litigation support of these experts has led to charges being withdrawn, reduced or dismissed.

Forensic Psychology

The link between Mental Health and the Criminal Law should not be underestimated or ignored. For decades Mike has utilized forensic psychologists to assist clients in answer to their prosecution. Depression, addiction, illness, disorders or any combination of them can have a causal connection to the act(s) which brings a person before the court. Mental Health Assessments/Risk Assessments to explore these and their link to the index offences have often proven to be powerful tools in securing bail on serious offences, having charges reduced or withdrawn, mitigating sentence and in rare cases, where appropriate, having one declared not criminally responsible.